By Jack Heimbigner

Will you buy an Xbox One or a PS4?

With Microsoft's reversal on Xbox One's previous technical requirements, which console will find its way into your living room?
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Mike Wheatley
Bangkok, Thailand
Xbox One is back in the mix
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Faced with a storm of protest from angry gamers, Microsoft has just announced a complete U-turn on its polices for its upcoming Xbox One console, meaning that game-sharing and offline game play will now be allowed. To be honest, Microsoft’s backtracking is what the company should have done from the get-go. It’s now offering gamers the best of both worlds if you like – the chance to stick with disc-based games that you can share or sell as you wish, or the option to build a digital library of games, in the knowledge that this can never be sold or shared. As for the U-turns on the always-on requirement and regional restrictions, these were less of an issue, but certainly they affected a not inconsiderable number of gamers.
Jack Heimbigner
Portland, OR
The PlayStation Will Pickup New Customers
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I grew up playing the Xbox and the Xbox 360. I have used these systems to their fullest! I have loves the games that they have offered and all the fun that has been part of this platform. However, I think Microsoft is losing sight of the gaming world. There seem to be more reasons to leave the Xbox behind then to continue my loyalties. First, no backwards compatability. Ok, I get it. New technology, better gaming. Great. But what about the games that I can still play over and over again. Keep the 360 connected? Sure, but I will probably have to sell it and all my games to afford the One. And you have to have an Internet connection. Fair enough, most people do. I grew up in a place that getting an Internet connection was difficult and not very good. Well shoot, looks like the PS4 is looking pretty fun now. When it's all said and done, I feel like Microsoft doesn't want my business anymore. I think they are going for new markets, and that means their game partnerships are going to suffer. Too bad, but I guess my PS4 will be nice.
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